WELCOME to the online home of Trust Birth North Dallas, a local meeting group of the Trust Birth Initiative!

Trust Birth is an all volunteer advocacy and support group. It was founded by Carla Hartley in 2005 and is being re-energized as you read this. 

We stand on the belief that we are born to trust birth; but have been taught not to. Women are obviously designed to give birth and therefore must have been born to Trust Birth. We have been taught that birth is scary and must be left to the experts. We have been taught a pack of lies. 

Trust Birth exists for the sole purpose of telling the Truth about birth. We want to help women discover they already trust birth. It is natural and logical to trust birth. It is unnatural and illogical not to. We will help them rediscover that innate trust and nurture it. 


"Birth is Safe; Interference is Risky!"